PRF R&D, established in 2013, is a company, which comes up with solutions to requirements for
“Professional, Powerful, Precise RF“.
PRF is founded by Prof. Dr. Şimşek DEMİR, a faculty member in Electrical and Electronics Engineering
Department of Middle East Technical University, Ankara. Based on technological and academic
experience and background, valued added innovative solutions are developed for interdisciplinary
problems by utilizing and emphasizing benefits of research and development heritage of more than
two decades.
PRF works on
• Design
• Prototype production
• Measurement
• Characterization
• Qualification
• Mass production
from component level to system level.

Solutions provided are in a wide frequency range, from HF to millimetre waves (from 1 MHz to THz).
Although the measurement and production infrastructure installed in house is available up to the K
band, production and measurement of higher frequency implementations are achieved by
cooperation with university and other institutions.
• communication systems
• satellite and avoionics systems
• security systems
• civil and military electronic systems
are some of the focus areas together with biomedical applications, detection and imaging systems,
antenna elements and antenna arrays.


TS EN ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System with the aim of increasing our product quality at every stage of our activities;
* Compliance with legal requirements,
* Continuous improvement,
* Customer satisfaction,
* To provide a peaceful work environment by developing mutual trust, respect, love understanding and communication between employees,
* To be reliable in all processes in an understanding that fully meets the needs and expectations of the customer,
* Closely follow and apply the technological developments of the sector,
* Disciplined and relevant approach to problems with team spirit in the fastest and most efficient way,
• To continuously increase the quality level by giving importance to teamwork so that all employees within the framework of quality systems become more competent and able to use their abilities at the highest level
we commit as quality policy.

PCA_ISO-9001-2015 Certificate TR

PCA_ISO-9001-2015 Certificate ENG